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Beat Cancer Nutritionally? It May Be Possible!  For Information only!
May God be lifted up and glorified for His love and provision for His people.  Through Him, quietly, a new alternative method of helping the body to rid itself of cancer cells has made it's way onto life's stage. It is very simple and safe, follows the natural order God designed for the body, and results thus far are astonishing:

Nearly 4,000 people since the Silver Bullet was introduced in late 2007 who were facing critical, life-threatening cancer are thus far living good, healthy lives!   As far as we know, only three (3!) people may have lost their battle to date, and those three unfortunately were not able to do the protocol of two months correctly for various reasons.  We give God the praise for such amazing results!  While it is very important to start the Silver Bullet program as early as possible, there have been a number who were even under Hospice care who are enjoying better quality of life.

Also, on a very  positive note, we point out that more than 18,000 people have seen excellent success with dangerous skin lesions utilizing P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream.  P.D.Q.! was introduced in late 2004.

The two exciting products (P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream and The Silver Bullet) utilize a totally new technology that we name MOLECULAR - meaning that the majority of particles are only one molecule in size.  This amazingly small size seems to allow the body's IMMUNE SYSTEM to do its normal job of destroying bad (cancer) cells. 

P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is used externally.   P.D.Q.! HERBAL SKIN CREAM is applied one drop today, one drop tomorrow! 
"The Silver Bullet" is nutritional in design, and consists of two products: a powerful  
cleansing water with micro-particle size silver, and a dietary supplement pill that  
is an amazing combination of healthy minerals and herbs, again in micro-particle size.  The Silver Bullet is taken as follows:

P.D.Q.! Recovery Silver Water : two teaspoons three times per day for just eight days.

P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pills: two pills in morning, two at night.

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WHAT IS CANCER?  To understand how these products may enable the body to fight and win against serious internal conditions one must understand the true nature of a cancer cell. The writer believes that cancer cells are actually not a disease, but are radically altered cells from normal cells. As you read further, the writer hopes to give his opinion as to why a nutrional approach may offer new hope for anyone facing a battle with cancer. 
What Causes Cancer Cells to Appear? The answer is simple and yet complex: 
Something may irritate or challenge a normal cell, and the cell reacts to protect itself.  
The actual cause could be something chemical (cigarette smoke, dirty air, fertilizers/  
insect poisions from food, etc.) or an injury (bug bite, parasites, fungus, virus, mold,  
mildew, bacteria, cut, burn or wound.) It may also be hereditary (something "in the  
genes"), or even a condition of weakness brought about by improper diet and  
nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of proper rest and even stress. Thus, there are many  
potential "causes" for a cell to become "bad". No one then can be assured of  
being protected from having such bad cells because too many things can initiate  
the mutation of a normal cell to a bad cell. This is not to say that prevention  
steps are not worthy, but the reality is that "something" might cause the problem  
no matter what preventative measures are taken.   
What Then IS a BAD Cell? When something causes a normal cell to mutate, the 
cell changes into a very different life form from that of a normal cell. In 1917, Dr. Otto  
Warburg won two Nobel prizes for his work on cancer cells. He discovered that  
these BAD cells have a VERY thick membrane wall, as much as thirteen times  
thicker than that of a normal cell. Also, NOTHING can penetrate the cell wall,  
meaning that the cell CANNOT be visited (pentrated) by the body's immune system.

The BAD cell also no longer uses oxygen to process the food it eats. It develops an acid-based internal combustion that burns the food. Thus, if the immune system is incapable  
of entering the cell, the body has NO MECHANISM for "Apoptosis" or natural cell  
death - in other words, the body cannot KILL the BAD cell as it should. The BAD cell  
then is IMMORTAL, as long as it can receive nutrients delivered by the blood. And,  
importantly, IT ALL STARTS WITH JUST ONE CELL GOING BAD. In the body, 
there are more than 100 TRILLION cells, and it just takes one to go bad.

After the mutation to a BAD cell, the cell just keeps on multiplying in geometric progression (one cell divides into two, two into four, four into eight, etc.) Thus, the BAD cell is not "a sick, diseased cell" but is actually a very strong living cell, just very different from "normal".   
So, How Does Cancer (or BAD cells) Kill?
It takes many billions of BAD cells to form a mass (lesion or tumor) that is even visible to  
the very best instruments and medical equipment available today. The individual BAD  
cells just keep multiplying - some perhaps faster than even normal cells. The mass just  
keeps growing and growing. As the number of BAD cells grow, the size of the mass  
can grow to be potentially dangerous - squeezing a vital organ into failure of the organ.  
When a vital organ can no longer function, the results are of course devastating. This is  
the main reason it is said "Cancer kills". It is also possible for BAD cells to dislodge from  
the "mass" (original location) and move (metastasize) to another location. When BAD  
cells appear and grow in many locations, the body may weaken generally, allowing  
even minor diseases or ailments to cause death. It is very normal for a virus such as  
pneumonia to be the actual cause of death when the body is under attack by BAD cells.
Another cause of death due to BAD cells is when the BAD cells are able to push through  
or penetrate a tissue wall (on organs or blood vessels) the body can no longer function  
as it should. So, while the writer maintains that cancer is NOT a disease, it can be deadly!  
What, Then, Can Be Done To Win Against Cancer?
Obviously, one must find a way to KILL BAD cells. The medical community can "get rid" 
of BAD cells by surgery (removing them) or by burning them (radiation.) Both can be very 
effective. The purpose of chemotherapy is to "poison" and thus kill BAD cells. The writer  
does not have a good opinion of the effectiveness of chemotherapy, because simply if  
the BAD cell has an "impenetrable cell wall" how can the chemotherapy get "into" the BAD cell to kill it? Also, chemotherapy is well known for negative side effects. However, it must be admitted that in certain instances chemotherapy MAY HAVE been effective. The writer suggests that anyone with cancer should follow appropriate medical advice given by medical professionals. What else could a person do in addtion to surgery, radition and chemotherapy?   Take the NATURAL APPROACH!  
The Natural Approach!
Can a natural method be found to KILL BAD cells? The writer believes that the answer is YES!  First, though, are five rules of living that can be done for prevention of BAD cells occuring and may strengthen the body when the body is engaged in a fight against BAD cells:
1. EAT right. Basically, good clean food. It may require a "dietary supplement".
2. Drink a lot of water. Studies show five to ten glasses a day are needed.
3. Get enough rest. Sleep eight hours if possible, naps are also beneficial.
4. Exercise. Does not have to be violent - simply walking 15- 20 minutes can be effective.
5. Enjoy quiet time. The writer believes in prayer. Others may meditate, listen to music, etc.
As far as a natural approach to KILLING BAD cells by empowering the body's immune system to perform APOPTOSIS (the natural way cells die!), the writer believes that The Silver Bullet and P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream may offer a novel and simple possibility of ridding the body of BAD cells NATURALLY! 

Thanks again so much for your interest!  Please read about each product by clicking on the pages listed on the top left of this page. To obtain products, please return to the health professional/Christian minister who referred you to this web site.